Eye Care Services

ri-County Eye Care Provides the following services and more:

Eye ExaminationEye Examinations

Our examinations are thorough. In fact, our patients will agree. This is one reason people continue to return to us for their eye care.

We are a DMV Provider and can submit your eye exam results to the DMV for online license renewal.

Pediatric Eye CarePediatric Eye Care

Children with vision problems often do not complain about trouble with their eyes and may not exhibit any noticeable impairment. At Tri-County Eyecare, your child will receive a comprehensive exam to diagnose or rule out any vision related problems. Amblyopia affects over 2% of the population and causes loss of vision in more people under age 45 than all other diseases and trauma combined. Dr. Monica Redmond has extensive experience in treating amblyopia or commonly called "lazy eye" and related eye problems. She has a friendly and nonthreatening demeanor which helps children relax. Our office and staff are kid friendly, and all children receive a prize at the end of their exam!

Refractive SurgeryRefractive Surgery

We provide a thorough refractive surgery exam to determine whether you are a candidate for refractive surgery. It is of utmost importance to choose a competent surgeon when it comes to your eyes. We have researched all of the refractive surgeons in the area and will give you the best options when it comes to making the decision.

Treatment of Eye Conditions